Rxefill My Way

Rxefill My Way

Is your current refill request process driving patients crazy?

Are you tired of explaining to patients how to fill out the online refill form or download the refill request app?

Are patients looking for a way to avoid the phone calls and confusing IVR prompts?

Are you looking to bring your refill request process into the modern age?


Rxefill My Way, the unique and technologically advanced way to enable your patients to request refills using the communication tools they already have at their fingertips!

Allow your patients to request refills using their regular typed or spoken language using Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, Text Message, and Amazon Alexa. Your patients are using these tools to interact with the world already; why not let them interact with you as well?

The best part for you, the pharmacist: the requests fit into your normal workflow, whether directly into your pharmacy software system1 queue, e-mailed2, or faxed, we can configure the system to meet your needs and requirements. You also save valuable time and money by avoiding the simple refill request phone calls.

1 Pharmacy Software System Integration dependent upon Application Programming Interface (API) availability from pharmacy software system vendors.

2 A HIPAA compliant e-mail solution must be in place to enable delivery via e-mail.